Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am looking for professional images (such as stock photography).

The ImgUploads photo library is a free to use library available to all users, providing a wide range of royalty free images. The ImgUploads Photo Library can make your marketing materials even more professional with an easy to use, categorised library of photos and images that can be utilised while creating brochures, posters and other marketing materials.

2. I cannot upload a photo or an image. I get an "Uploading unsuccessful" message when uploading photos and images from my computer.

Please check the following:

1. Only JPG (JPEG), GIF, BMP, WEBP or PNG images can be uploaded. Please check the file extension.

2. The maximum number of photos and images you can upload in one session is 20. If you want to upload more than 20 photos and images, you need to upload them in a separate session.

3. You are not connected to the network. Confirm you are connected to the internet.

4. There may be an error with your file. Try to resave your file as a new version and try uploading the file again.

3. While uploading photos and images from my PC/tablet, the loading bar stops and/or is slow.

Depending on the size of your photo or image, it may take some time for the upload to complete.

Please also make sure to check your Internet connection.

If you are still encountering issues, please contact us here.

4. I get an "Online storage limit" message when uploading photos and images.

Please make sure that the total file size of the photos and the images you are uploading is less than 20 MB.

5. I get a "File too large" message when I try to upload the photo or the image.

Please make sure that your photo or image file is less than 2 MB.

6. I can't find the image we uploaded.

Terms of service of use of Please check.

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